Competence areas

Project management:

Through our decade long experience and competence in the transaction and realisation of big projects in rail car and shipbuilding we have built an efficient project management. The references prove, that through cooperation in partnership with the customer and the disposition of internal resources through organization, IT/engineering and methodology an implementation of a project free of imperfections is not but just a pious customer’s request.  

Technological manufacture:

We elaborate products as well as system components at our customer-near manufacturing sites according to the certified quality standards (DIN EN ISO 2001; EN 6701). Qualified and experienced employees, an extensive and furthermore precise machinery and the understanding for a continuous optimization process are here at your disposition. A little excerpt from our manufacturing accomplishments:

  • Soundproof floors or floors with heating
  • Air ducts with regulation
  • 3-D moldings
  • PU edge protection
  • Gluing and material coating
  • Fire protection walls and ceilings

Development of materials and products:

In order to keep being able to comply with the requirements of the market, the general further development of materials and products in the frame of project-specific requirements is one of our core competences. The implementation of tested and approved system components according to the customer’s wish is our main focus. Externally accredited testing institutions form part of our network and thanks to our on-site testing laboratory we are also able to provide you with the following product validations:

  • Dynamic properties
  • E module (3-point / 4-point)
  • Gluing properties