Competence since 1969 – A high number of successful projects prove our decade long experience as an international system supplier, in railcar as well as in ship building. We look upon the past with pride and satisfaction, and we face our challenges to come in the future with curiosity and enthusiasm.

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WARO®foam air ducts

The demands on air ducts have increased significantly in recent years, and metallic materials no longer meet today’s technical requirements. WARO®foam air ducts are the light and economical solution, also available as fire resistant with WARO®foam Classic.

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WAROTEC® ceiling elements

Today’s demands on ceiling systems require a rethink in the choice of materials. Conventional ceiling coverings made of metal must increasingly to be replaced by lighter sandwich constructions with higher demands on the surfaces. WAROTEC® ceiling elements are the light and economical solution, which are also available as fire resistant with WARO®foam Classic (organic).

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WAROTEC® partition walls

Through our decade long experience, especially in railcar and shipbuilding, with their challenging and always increasing requirements, we have developed three different partition wall product lines over time.


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JELMO®-Train is a light okoumé-plywood especially developed for railcar building, whose fire-resistance is achieved through the impregnation of the veneer with special salts. JELMO®-Train guarantees a burnback time of 30 minutes according pre EN 45545 and therefore fulfills the bulkhead function. In the JELMO®-Train light version ceiba-wood is used, thus making it possible to save up to 45% weight in comparison to conventional plywoods.

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JELMO®-SHIP is a light oukumé-plywood especially developed, whose fire-resistance is achieved through the impregnation of the veneer with special salts. In the JELMO®-Train light version Ceiba-wood is used, thus making it possible to save up to 45% weight in comparison to standard plywood. JELMO®-SHIP is the first plywood with the “steering wheel certification” which was issued by Germanischer Lloyd. In practice, JELMO®-SHIP has proven itself remarkably as a flooring element, wall or ceiling paneling, partition wall, for built-in cabinets and furniture as well as upholstery.

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POLYVAN®-31 as well was developed especially for railcar and vehicle construction. In the standard version the sandwich element consists of two Finnish birch-plywood sheets with an inner cork mat special layer. Both thickness and wood type of the plywood sheet as well as the thickness of the cork mat are variable.

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Bary Vam® was especially developed for railcar, vehicle and ship building and thus, a construction element was conceived with a maximal acoustic effectiveness. This sandwich element makes a low noise level possible, despite high velocity traveling speeds.

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WAROTEC® is a sandwich plate, which was originally developed for railcar and ship building. Because of its high inherent rigidity and its low weight it is also suitable for uses in other areas of application. There are a lot of material combinations possible, depending on the client’s wish and the area of purpose.

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The WAROTEC® EH heater unit consists of a carrier, a heater layer and a cover layer. The unit is designed for a local floor heating with a maximum temperature lift of 60 K at a power consumption of approx. 525 W/m² having a 230 VAC voltage feed.

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